5 Tips for Listing Your Home During the Winter Months

January 20, 2021

Thanks to COVID-19, for the time being, there is no such thing as “the best time to put your home on the market.” The pandemic has upended typical consumer home-buying patterns, such as waiting until spring to start searching. These days, buyers are moving for a wide variety of reasons and jumping on opportunities as they arise. So if you’re thinking about selling your home, there’s no time like the present. Here are five tips for showing your home during the winter months:

1. Keep a few lights up. While you definitely don’t want your home to be a holiday light extravaganza, a few tastefully placed, subtle white lights can help give your home a warm, inviting glow throughout the winter months. Use them to highlight your front door or draw attention to an outdoor patio.

2. Remove holiday decorations. That giant, inflatable snowman or light-up Santa statue in your front yard may bring a festive flair to the season, but may be a turn-off to would-be buyers. A wreath of winter greens on your front door, or planters adorned with white birch logs and pine branches are an elegant, neutral option that will have wider appeal.

3. Depict your home in all seasons. Since buyers right now won’t be able to appreciate your perennial garden in full bloom or your amazing pool deck, be sure to have a photo album or collage of your home in all seasons on hand for walk-throughs, and make sure there are plenty of all-seasons photos in your online listing as well.

4. Keep your home cozy. If you have a gas fireplace, make sure it’s lit for walk-throughs. Lighting a standard fire may create issues for those with allergies or breathing conditions, so have several candles ablaze instead to create a warm vibe. Make sure your thermostat is set to a toasty temperature to encourage homebuyers who’ve come in out of the cold to linger a little longer.

5. Let in extra light. While you may usually hang heavy drapery in the winter to keep your home warmer, swap those window coverings out with a few sheer curtains instead…or none at all. You want to let as much natural light in as possible in the winter months.

Courtesy RisMedia