My Mission:

My mission is to inspire a positive and lasting impact in people’s lives. I hope to advance the experience of buying and selling real estate by cultivating a spirit of collaboration, exploration and abundance.
• Connected. Relationships are everything to me; I aim to connect people to their dreams, their homes and their communities.
• Passionate. I believe that working with “all heart” can change the world.
• Knowledgeable. I strive to understand the market AND my clients’ needs.
• Playful. I love what I do and I hope it shows.
• Upstanding. My clients’ best interests are at the heart of everything I do. I am committed to excellence.
• Effective. I set a high bar and move mountains to exceed expectations.

What do I do?

I build relationships, obsess over market values and the newest hottest listings, sell homes, problem-solve, negotiate, go into scary basements, help my clients discover new neighborhoods, and make sure my clients don’t buy the wrong home.

My Approach

I am always accessible, a good listener, and a good communicator.
• I will assertively represent your interests and skillfully negotiate on your behalf.
• Whether you are a first-timer or a veteran of many property transactions, I will take the time to clearly explain all aspects of the buying and selling process.
• I will not steer you into a price range that makes you uncomfortable.
• I maintain relationships with a wide variety of professionals and service providers – I can put you in touch with lenders, title insurance companies, settlement attorneys, home inspectors, and contractors.
• I will not tell you that your house is worth more than the data shows.
• I will happily help you prepare your home for sale – I can assist with de-cluttering, arranging for storage, managing contractors for required repairs, and staging.
• I use the latest technologies to enable me to work efficiently and target my marketing appropriately.


While I am obsessed with gorgeous design and delivering outstanding client experiences, I am an explorer at heart. Through exploration, we make discoveries about the world, ourselves and others. My goal is to make the real estate process not only memorable and enjoyable, but also one that gives my clients the space to explore and discover new possibilities in their next real estate adventure and investment. I aim to delight and surprise my clients by delivering excellent services and exceeding their expectations at every step of the way.

I spent my childhood abroad and have lived for long stretches in Mexico and Brazil. I am fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese. If you’re most comfortable doing important transactions in either language, please give me a call – and if you want a vacation home or a tropical paradise for retirement, look no further! I have a strong network of top-notch attorneys and agents in Mexico and Brazil.

Contact me to get in touch.