Accountants to Car Mechanics


Stuart Fishkin,  “I highly recommend.”

Rick Linden, Linden and Associates, Bethesda. “I’ve been using him for close to 40 years – personal and two businesses.”

Walter Pennington, Dembo Jones, et al. (301) 770-5100, “Both my husband and I have small businesses (mine smaller than his), and we use Walter. [He] is superb at his profession, always up to date, and just a kind and lovely person.”

Antonia B. Smiley, CPA, (202) 466-3945, 1815 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002. “Although she has not helped me directly, she has been instrumental in helping my parents with their taxes. I can certify to her professionalism.”

Nancy Lao, CPA, TaxMasters,, “I highly recommend my CPA Nancy Lao. She is located in Rockville but I conduct all my business with her via email and phone.”

Sullivan & Company, (, Bethesda. “I am a single-member LLC and I use Sullivan & Company. I’ve been working with them for the past 4 or 5 years and they do a bang-up job for me. Everything is done electronically (e-Portal, etc.) and for the most part is painless. For my simple setup (business, personal taxes including some over-seas holdings) it costs me about $2,500 per year.”


Bronwyn Clark – DC Acupuncture, “I’ve worked closely with Bronwyn Clark from DC Acupuncture for years. We treat a lot of clients together for pain management and healthy living and her clients love her. I’ve also received acupuncture from her myself and have had great results. She is very professional and knowledgeable. Her office is also conveniently on S and Wisconsin on the border of Glover Park/Georgetown.”

Air Conditioning

Al Abernathy – Triple A AC Service, (240) 286-1929; (703) 715-6323

  • “Al has been maintaining my AC since Rich installed it. He also maintains my boiler and actually rebuilt it so that I wouldn’t have to buy a new one when it gave out. Great!”
  • “Call Al!”
  • “I recommend Al Abernathy. Great work, very reasonable prices.”

Brothers Heating and Air – (703) 946-0442. An independent company owned by Mauricio Canales. He’s very good, very respectful and easy to work with.

Carlos Moreno – 240.463.9004  “Last summer (2016) on a ridiculously hot day our a/c stopped working, which could have been a big problem with 3 dogs in the house. Carlos showed up at 7pm after a long hot day and thoroughly examined the system, finally finding the problem near the roof top unit. He fixed the short circuit and charged a reasonable amount, though he could have fleeced me for a lot more as I was clearly desperate. There are not too many reasonable tradesmen these days!

Rich Abernathy (Al’s cousin!) – Air Cool and Heating Systems. 703-360-7840.

  • “Installed high-velocity central AC in our house – nice and extremely knowledgeable guy with a great crew, and did the job for a great price. Would strongly recommend him for any job”
  • “I’d recommend Rich Abernathy from Air Cooling and Heat”
  • “Rich and his very nice, friendly crew installed high-velocity central AC in our house while we went on vacation. They did a great job, expertly fishing the system through the ceilings with a minimal amount of patching or drywall work to be done afterwards. The result: a wonderfully cool house with no loss of ceiling height due to intrusive ductwork!”

Unique Indoor Comfort – (202) 338-9400 “Installed our high velocity AC systems last year. I know this is of particular interest to folks in GP converting from window units to central AC. They were great to work with, reasonably priced and their responsiveness on service is great.”

Do Not Use – Magnolia Plumbing. “Rip-off artists. We had them out for basic AC maintenance. They tried to tell us we needed $2,500 worth of work. We had our usual, trusted AC guy – Al Abernathy – come for a second opinion, and he told us that most of the work was not needed, and the rest could be done for about $300.”

Alarm System Gus – 240.401.6040

Appliance Repair

Alco Appliance – 301-937-6996

  • “Great.”
  • “They are a small company and you can trust them to tell you the truth–and not sell you a bill of goods.”
  • “Extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Have had great experiences with them and would not hesitate to call them again.”
  • “I (and a lot of my friends) use Alco Appliance in Beltsville, MD. Don’t need to go anywhere else.”

Do not use – Bray and Scarff. “The pits – had to come five different times because they kept screwing up the repair. Always late. Repairman was surly and smelled awful. Would not use them again under any circumstances.”
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Bathtub Refinishing

Leoni – 202-364-7021 “This guy is very good in any work, and he is very reasonable with prices, we live in AU area available most weekends work with many people in Glover Park.”

Miracle Method –

  • “Google it …and go to their website. Put in your zip code…and it will direct you to the nearest office. Kensington, I think. Mary Ann was the contact. We did our bathrooms and kitchen. Beautiful job.”
  • “We also used Miracle Method in the past. They refinished the ceramic tile in our bathtub to convert it from pink to white. We were really happy with the work and the price. They even returned a few years later for no charge to do a touch up when a couple small spots peeled off. It’s a much less expensive way that buying and installing new.”
  • “Many individuals, including myself … have used Miracle Method with very good results.”

Bicycles – Revolution Cycles – “Revolution Cycles at the base of Key bridge can do a fine tune-up for you and pump up your tires.”

Car Detailing  – Will’s Auto Detail Service –  “I can highly recommend Will’s Auto Detail Service. Very nice couple! I can’t tell you about their pricing as it was a gift.”

Car Body Work

Bethesda Chevy Chase Auto Body – “Off River Road and Little Falls Parkway. Talk to Frank.”

Specialty Auto Body – –  “I’ve had two good experiences with Specialty Auto Body in Arlington.”

Car Mechanic

Distad’s BP – 823 Pennsylvania Ave SE, (202) 543-0200. “Distad’s is within 2 blocks of the Eastern Market Metro. I’ve been using them for 15 years. I’ve recommended them to several people, who also rave about them. Several years ago I met a woman that used to live in Capital Hill, and she told me that her grandmother, now retired, drove up from Florida twice a year to have her car serviced by Distad’s.”

Exxon – in Tenleytown. “Has a wonderful mechanic who I’ve used for seven or eight years.”

Mike – Manager, Sunoco Embassy Service Center, 2200 P Street NW, 202-659-8562. “Absolutely amazing … Mike always under-charges me (how often does that happen with a mechanic?) and is happy to show me the prices for parts and if I can get a better deal elsewhere allows me to purchase my own parts and bring them in. He always gives me the old parts so I can see what happened to these and he explains how/why they are broken. Mike is 100% transparent and honest, he works weekends and is always pleasant and easy to deal with—just a lovely all around human being who will treat you and your car with respect.”

Parker’s Exxon – (202) 337-3144, 4812 MacArthur Blvd NW. “I have used Parker Exxon for years – always satisfied. Bennie manages repairs. Lynn is owner.”

Shell – “Very close to Glover Park is the Shell station at Wisconsin and Q – Bobby the new manager (actually not so new anymore) has turned this into an extremely wonderful AAA recommended garage. And he is super friendly to boot.”

Tim – Westbard Citco, (301) 656-0053. “Off River Road near the mega Giant. He’s taken care of my car for 10 years and my friends cars for longer than that. He’s a great mechanic, honest about services, the best price even on tires, and always kind and pleasantly helpful. I highly recommend him.”

Georgetown Exxon – 202-333-0538, Jamie is the head of service. “I just used Georgetown Exxon based on recommendation. Their quote was almost half of what I received from my dealership.”

Do Not Use – “I would warn against the Georgetown Exxon, though. I used them the last time my car needed a service because Jaime, the owner, gave us a good quote. But they took seventeen days to fix the car and were rude to me when I would call to check in.”