Plumbing and Heating to Solar Panels

Plumbing and/or Heating

 Al Abernathy – Triple A AC Service, (240) 286-1929; (703) 715-6323, “Al has maintained my boiler for years, for a nominal fee, and even rebuilt it when it gave out so that I wouldn’t have to buy a new one. Great service.”


Master Plumbing and Mechanical – (301) 650-9100 “Please call Master Plumbing and Mechanical. Have used them for more than 25 years and they deal with many other owners and landlords in GP so radiators are nothing new to them. Have trusted them with my key for years if I couldn’t be home.” (Not taking new customers with boilers on 12/8/2016 – but that could change.)


Uneeda Heating and Air Conditioning – (301) 962-3630  “There are few steam heating experts around anymore. Luckily, there is Steve, with Uneeda Heating and Air Conditioning (not the same as Uneeda Plumbing) who is very knowledgeable and the owner of the company. He teaches other mechanics about steam heat and would definitely be the one to contact. I know he could handle hot water radiators as well.” (Not taking new customers outside Montgomery County on 12/8/2016 – but that could change.)


Beall’s Plumbing – 703-266-2655  “I’d recommend Beall’s Plumbing.”


Eberly – 301/856-6900


Cabin John Plumbing and Heating – George – 301-320-3787, 240-483-9635 “Replaced our boiler several years ago and have used him for other jobs, big or small. He does excellent work for a good price.”


Brian – 240-375-2677 “Quick and good.”


Michael J Thomas Plumbing & Heating – 301-933-5995


Charles E. Finn & Son Plumbing – 301 283 6190


Tom LoPresti Plumbing –  “We’ve had excellent results in our ongoing renovation with Tom Lopresti Plumbing … extremely skilled and professional employees who are also honest, polite, conscientious and neat. We’ve also found Lopresti’s pricing surprisingly reasonable and lower than other far less qualified and/or honest plumbing contractors.”


Gary P. Frank Heating and Cooling –  “For our finished basement we used Gary P. Frank Heating & Cooling to have a Mitsubishi heat/ac system installed and are also extremely happy with this system, as well as the experience of their professionalism, honesty and courtesy.”


Magnolia Plumbing – (888) 612-8022 “Have only used them for seasonal tune-ups on our boiler and water heater, but have been impressed. They show up on time, and do a very thorough job for a decent price.” (See another neighbor’s warning below.)


R.D. Springer Plumbing –301-439-8200, highly recommended in Checkbook.


Williams Plumbing and Heating,  Chris Williams, 301.725.5536, reasonable prices


Michael and Sons Plumbing – (202) 695-1532


Do Not Use – Magnolia Plumbing “Rip-off artists.We had them out for basic AC maintenance. They tried to tell us we needed $2,500 worth of work. We had our usual, trusted AC guy – Al Abernathy – come for a second opinion, and he told us that most of the work was not needed, and the rest could be done for about $300.”

“I want to confirm the low rating for Magnolia Plumbing. The Magnolia technician quotes me a price of $2376 [for a new hot water heater.] The water heater is $600 on-line … Anyway, I [ended up] having Home Depot replace for $1463 with tax. I would only use Magnolia if you have a desire to spend money unnecessarily.”

Do Not Use – James J. Madden

 – Larry Enten, c: 202-329-6006, References, licensed, insured




Adam’s Roofing – Adam Falcona, send an email to for a free estimate. “Excellent service, super knowledgeable and genuinely concerned about getting the work done right at a very reasonable price. He and his crew solved a problem that three other roofing companies could not. Call him!”


Frank’s Gutter and Roofing – Frank DiMauro, 301-261-4674 or 410 956-3218. “Have used him for roofing and gutter jobs big and small over the years – he is honest and does a great job for a fair price.”


Donald Hoover – Hoover Roofing LLC,, office: (301) 441-2712, cell: (540) 398-9045, cell: (301) 440-4850 “He replaced our asphalt tile roof and also my neighbor’s. His is a small company and he works closely with his son. His work was excellent, and he guaranteed it fully. He was good to work with.”


Hector – 240-354-8825 “I have used him for refinishing my metal roof, repairing the roof and repairing my cornice – excellent and inexpensive – I almost want to keep him a secret.”


Widmayer Roofing – (301) 984-7787


Corley Roofing and Sheet Metal – (301) 894-4460


Family Roofing – David Reid, (202) 276-5004


Keith and Company – O:(202) 298-0692, C:(202) 486-7359 “We have had good results with Keith and Company. Call Hugh Keith (all of the men in this family-owned company are named Hugh.)”


Capon Cleaners – Gutter cleaning, 301-424-9210, “We’ve used Capon Cleaners for the last few years.Reasonable prices, efficient service.”


Nelson Morales – Gutter cleaning, “I’ve used Nelson Morales for several years and he’s great, reliable and reasonable — you’ll see him on the list under windows too (great at that, too!). You can call him at (240) 855-9289. He does gutters for several other folks in the neighborhood as well.”


Do Not Use – Frank at Executive Contracting


Seamstress  – Miss Lee  1353 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007 (202) 337-2162 – “Miss Lee is excellent, very reasonable, very fast and she stands by her work.”


Snow Shoveling  – “We have a great volunteer effort (free) to help those physically unable to shovel snow. Email for assistance or to become a volunteer helper.”


Jon Gillespie – GP neighbor, text (206) 819-0292, email “Jon did a great job for me during our 2016 snowmageddon. Quick work and a good price!”


Solar Panels


Solar Energy Services – Contact Lisa Walsh,, (410) 923-6090 x304. “In February 2017, Solar Energy Services, Inc. (SES) of Millersville, MD completed installation of solar panels (a 4.56kW Grid-tied PhotoVoltaic System) on my roof and the necessary inverter in my basement.  I had entered into a contract with them in mid-November 2016, and they took care of all necessary permits and applications for the work.  The installation went very smoothly, and I am pleased to have a green, sustainable source for part of our household’s electricity needs.  Every SES representative I dealt with was courteous and knowledgeable.  One reason I chose SES is because I wanted to own the system rather than lease it.  The system is producing energy today, and I expect to see reductions in my PEPCO bills going forward.  I am happy to recommend SES to neighbors considering adding solar.”


Standard Solar – (301) 944-1200. “Installed solar panels on our house this past summer. A turnkey operation – dealt with permitting and applications for DC renewable energy credits. We are now up and running and producing green energy.”